Are You a Passionista?


How would you like to contribute to a Best Selling book, with like-minded Boss Babes and make a true difference in the lives of others?

If this sounds like you, then we want to invite you be part of the Passionista Community. Together we are writing the book, Passionistas: Tips, Tales and Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Dreams. You'll have a chance to join other ambitious, driven, young change makers, millennials and more on this incredible journey to becoming a published author. We want to hear your story.


  • Pursues her dream job, even if she's maintaining her day job.
  • Building an Empire revolving around (and fueled by) her passion.
  • She combines kicking major professional A$$ with a flair for looking and feeling her best.
  • She has learned lessons and has had experiences that have shaped her life and business philosophy.
  • She wants to inspire other Passionistas to pursue their ultimate goals, dreams and desires.
  • She enjoys tag-teaming with like-minded individuals to create something beyond herself for the Passionista community!

Here is what we have put together...

  1. A private year long facebook community where we will explore marketing, branding and positioning yourself as a credible thought leader.
  2. Your own chapter in the book! Yes you will be a published author!
  3. A premium press release featuring YOU as an author! This release will be sent out to over 125 affiliates of NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS and others!
  4. Network with other like minded passionistas in the community.
  5. Training to maximize your new found title as an author via social outlets, media kits and brand proposals.
  6. Recognition at official Passionista Book Launch, Passionista Panels, and more.
  7. Opportunity to buy at a highly discounted price printed books with YOUR picture on the cover with other Featured Passionistas

You will be a part of all of this, empower yourself, empower others, gain both visibility and credibility for only $997. This type of low cost high return opportunity will never be offered again at this price and is specific to the new generation of influencers. Thank you for already taking the steps to empower yourself within your industry. Now, refuse to continue to sit on the sidelines and get in the game!

Together we can do more!

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Together, with a panel of authors, coaches and entrepreneurs, we have selected your leading Passionista to head the community and this book.

Meet Television & Media Host Erika De La Cruz!

Hi ladies~! What's going on?? I am SO EXCITED to help take your brands, beliefs, and passions to the next level! I've been involved with some amazing organizations and communities and think that this publication will sky rocket you as the kick a$$ boss babes that you are.! Lets do this. Feel free to drop me a line! I'll be working very closely with the group and community to make sure that every opportunity is a BOSS OPPORTUNITY. ;)!

Meet Event Promotor & Marketer Kyle Wilson!

Now, for a select group of 39 people, we get to connect with the influential Kyle Wilson, the Founder of Jim Rohn International (Jim’s 18 year biz partner),, and Kyle is also the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul. Plus has published and sold millions of books (including creating and selling over 8 million gift booklets from Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley and Chris Widener)!

Become a Passionista Today! Click Here