5 Manly Must-Haves, Mens-Wear for Spring!

5 Manly Must-Haves (4LMAGAZINE)

5 items to keep your closet in tip-top shape gentlemen. You’ll be ready to impress at a moment’s notice!

Basics (White, Grey, Black)

Color is a ball-game on it’s own when shopping for clothing, but the most important items, that often go un-noticed, are the basic tees, long sleeves and solids that create the base of the male wardrobe.

If you want to reduce your anxiety when getting ready and also dress to impress with confidence, you’ll want to make sure to stock up on these items. Feel free to add some Navy into the mix and trust me, you’ll be looking “50 shades of sexy” in no time.


We’ve come a long way since the 90’s glorification of left ear piercing and socially acceptable “puka shell necklaces.” Now there’s only one reliable piece of “man jewelry” that will elevate absolutely any outfit- a watch!

A watch transcends even a basic tee shirt and makes a clear statement from the person wearing it- “I’m in control.” (And “I can tell the time..”) Which is just an added bonus!

Well-Fitting Suit

You never know when you’ll be asked to attend a high-level work function or dressy occasion with the woman of your dreams. Be prepared and ready to make a positive (and attractive) impression! A suit is like the car insurance of your wardrobe.

You never know when you’re going to get into an accident, but boy, you’ll be grateful that you can pull it out of your closet when the time comes!

Handsome “Kicks”

A wise woman once said “judge a man not by his apartment, but by his shoes!” That’s because anyone can rent a place, but it makes a statement to own a nice pair of shoes. When buying foot-wear, keep in mind that warm tones like bourbon and walnut are going to match a broader color scheme and keep your style classic.

Whether it’s a wing tip or cap toe shoe, take the “look” one step further and add some patterned or colorful socks, which the main-stream media and so many more have officially dubbed a “hot trend” this season.


“Top” off a low-pressure look with any sort of baseball cap and watch your image transform. It should be a closet-goal to own at least one hat or cap (solid, Nike, sports-team are all recommended.)

It is a casual accessory that adds a masculine, but layed-back, vibe to any outfit and can also create a sexy illusion of athleticism, without anyone actually questioning your hand-eye coordination!

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