It “Justworks” How Bringing in a Team Will Transform Your Business, Quality of Life & Confidence!

Life of an Entrepreneur: (In Partnership with -Justworks!)

Most, if not all, entrepreneurs are inherent visionaries! Our strengths lie in generating-ideas, marketing philosophy and executing our visions! So what happens when the time comes to face all of the back end business complexities? HR, Payroll, benefits, compliance? (AKA: The SCARIEST parts.)

Will you work harder or smarter when that time comes? The smart entrepreneur will bring in others who have these strengths, to free him/her up to stay focused on their mission and talents used to start the business in the first place! It’s all about building a team! Team-work has helped my business and brand expand faster than I could have imagined and I’m happy to share that I am collaborating with Justworks, to help other entrepreneurs #WorkFearlessly when it comes to the scary logistics necessary to provide great benefits to their teams!

Justworks is a simple and inviting platform that keeps your payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance all in one place! It’s like having an entire HR department just for your team. I think this type of outsourcing is invaluable to keeping your company stable, professional and focused on growth. Once upon a time, when I first began creating #PassiontoPaycheck, I was completely in the weeds, feeling like I needed to figure everything out on my own. It wasn’t until I opened myself up to the possibility of bringing in other professionals (with skill sets I was missing, rather than trying to learn all of the logistics myself) that I expanded the brand to what it is now: a 3-time annual conference, and Talk Show!

It’s cliché but teamwork really DOES make the dream work and investing in systems and people I knew could help me grow, was the best decision I ever made! So, if you’re looking to work more confidently, with a reliable family to support you AND your employees, MVP’s and all stars, head to this link! Check out what they’ve built and follow along at: @Justworks_HR.

Erika De La Cruz

About Erika De La Cruz

Erika De La Cruz is a Media & TV Personality, specializing in On-camera, Runway & Radio Hosting. She is a San Diego State University Alum, with a background in Red-Carpet, Film & Fashion.

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