Welcome to one of my new Favorite Things! I love working with stylists to build looks for all occasions and this week, I received my own personal stylist in a box!

SuitableYou, a style subscription box for the working millennial woman, sent five great quality pieces to wear to work meetings shoots and segments for the week. #WINNING. The box arrived on my doorstep, in a USPS priority box with the SuitableYou logo. I opened the box not knowing what to expect. Prior to SuitableYou, I had tried a couple styling boxes that had all fallen flat for me and I worried that this would be another box that didn’t quite GET ME!

I lifted the first item out of the box, a beautiful orange suede dress, and I could tell that I had found a company studied my brand, listened to my taste and totally NAILED IT. I excitedly pulled the rest of the items out of the box: a pair of white, wide leg pants, a soft, white, long-sleeved blouse, a navy blue, sleeveless shirt with a fun texture, and a pair of flowy pink shorts.

Left in the box was a note from the stylist who styled my box. She explained that she had used my styling survey (including my love of color and feminine cuts) to build the looks.

After trying on, and falling in love, with all the clothes, I looked at the pricing sheet included in the box. I was happy to see that SuitableYou had taken my would-be, projected budget into account when styling. The sticker in the box reminded me that I had 4 days to decide what I wanted to keep. Keeping everything results in a 20% discount, and $20 styling fee credit toward my account. Of course, I kept all of it! USE CODE: ERIKA10 for 10% your first box!

To conclude, this week’s FAVORITE: SuitableYou blew me away. Highly recommend to all the FAHSIONABLE BOSS BABES out there! I wore the clothes straight into my next meeting. 😉

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Erika De La Cruz

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Erika De La Cruz is a Media & TV Personality, specializing in On-camera, Runway & Radio Hosting. She is a San Diego State University Alum, with a background in Red-Carpet, Film & Fashion.

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