Date Night Fashion, Any Occasion~!

Blind Date (The Chic & Collected Look)

You have yet to meet your Hottie and are searching for an ensemble that says, “I’m sexy and not insane.” Well, pants are your best bet for this occasion. Chances are, he’ll take you to a casual restaurant or bar to get to know each other, so a pair of dark skinny jeans is a must.

Combine the jeans with a flirtatious top (and don’t be afraid to utilize color). Couple that with a cute jacket to hang on the top of your chair while you chat and a neutral set of pumps or boots. Good luck!

Date-Night In (Latest & Greatest Lounge-Wear)

You’ve been dating someone for a while, but you’re keeping things casual, so you opt for a night at home, whipping up a gourmet meal with some Netflix. The key is going to be something Beyonce coined as the “I Woke Up Like This” look: basically looking sexy in a cozy pair of leggings or PINK Victoria Secret sweats.

You might also opt for a casual, cotton maxi dress. Either outfit is comfy and low maintenance. The key to this look is going to be in your hair and makeup. Loose “wrap” waves or straight hair is recommended for this look, and lipstick should be very neutral since you’re not out on the town. Now all you need is a good cookbook … or the number for Chinese take-out!

You Found ‘The One’ (No-Shame-Champagne Outfit)

You’re in a committed relationship and are being wined and dined for a special occasion. In this case, a classic, kissable, statement dress is totally permitted. Something sleek and black will make you feel sexy, or something bright and flirtatious will make you feel extra special. Either way you will still have his jaw dropping before he can order an appetizer.

This date is an excuse to DRESS UP! Let’s face it, we all have that adorable ensemble we’ve been dying to take out of our closets!

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